{reflections on food} Eat Vegan Before 6

I think people are more likely to resist dieting when there is a lot of restriction. This diet basically says, you can still eat what you like, but not until the end of the day. I could see starting this one day a week and gradually increasing as you learn new recipes and things to try. For a big meat-eater like myself, it would take some getting use to. I think I would have a hard time giving up yogurt and cheese. The other issue is that I like to make soups with meat. I also have a blood disorder so B12 and Iron have been my best friend as of late.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found I did not like meat very much and my iron levels dropped significantly. I was bruising easily and just feeling incredibly sluggish. When I began to eat meat once again, I started to feel better. I have more energy and the bruising is minimal at best. This dieting method, VB6, is certainly something I would consider trying.


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I have been thinking a lot about diet in the last couple of years, partly as a result of writing for this blog, partly because I have had a sedentary job for nearly two decades and it is wreaking havoc on my aging body.  I do lots of things right, I exercise by walking up 20 flights of stairs at work nearly every day, I stand up at my desk until the afternoon instead of sitting, I walk my dogs twice a day, covering around 2 miles with them.  I trot with my younger dog early in the morning in a third walk.  I lift small weights in the office.  I pretty much only eat meat socially.  But I have a hard time resisting the brownies people bring in to work and a hard time not drinking too much wine with dinner and a hard time not taking thirds…

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