Red Extravaganza – Lobster Frannie’s Way

I usually prefer not to cook lobsters myself. Granted, I love to eat them, but I’ll turn their head away from my view when I do. I’ve always done it and I don’t know why. It’s not a bad thing to have a connection to your food, but I have a hard time bringing myself to cook these tasty creatures. This is a fear I need to rid myself of.


Lobsters are gross, and I’m a terrible New Englander.


Mastering The Art Of Pigging Out - My Life In Food - John C. Picardi

alobster 6
When Frannie called to invite my parents and I to dinner all he had to say was, “Hello John,” and my immediate response was, “We’d love to, when and what time?”

Dinner at cousin Frannie’s house is always a phenomenal treat especially when he is making the old family recipe, Lobster in tomato sauce, a dish he has made for my parents and me a few luscious times before. This brilliantly red extravaganza is one of his specialties and it is quite frankly earth shatteringly and outrageously delicious. Upon first bite of this masterpiece I always become instantly happy I’m related to Frannie, and not only that, any person who murders lobsters for family members is aces in my book.

alobster 2

Frannie doesn’t mess around here, he uses fat lobsters with claws big enough to snap your head off, San Marzano Tomatoes, virgin olive oil, red hot pepper flakes and garlic. It’s a straight…

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