Nourishing Traditions

This is a book that I know my counterpart would enjoy too! Brings on the whole grains!



If I could recommend just one book on cooking, I would say Nourishing Traditions should be on every kitchen recipe shelf.  It replaces Betty Crocker as the go to cookbook for the new millennium.   There is so much information in it and studies to show how unprocessed food works best for the bod.  It’s just too hard to ignore, unless you want to stay in your processed food bliss cocoon, but that usually ends badly with a hospital stay.

I have been on a path leading to this book, so when I found it, I thought I had found the holy grail: soaked seeds and grains, whole grains and whole bakery goods, cooked vegetables that taste delicious, raw milk and fermented products, legumes presoaked and cooked in delicious sauces.  This is the book to get yourself off processed foods, and the information to justify the extra work that it takes…

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